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NeoConnessi , after involving around 3,800 classes in the 2018-2019 school year, returns to offer a renewed educational path for teachers, class representatives and parents, with the aim of raising awareness of children and teenagers in the safe and correct use of the internet. .

With the new edition of NeoConnessi it will be possible to build a solid, safe and fun social network thanks to the technological, pedagogical, psychological and didactic activities offered. During the last edition, the classes that actively participated in the project have idealized a contest in which teachers, parents and pupils collaborated to create a protocol for a safe use of the Web. Also this year, parents and teachers will have the opportunity to access in-depth information, technical information on prevention and safety and even an online magazine, as well as playful activities to talk to the family by playing, always keeping in mind the behavioral models that standardize the relationship between control and trust .

In this delicate moment, it is also important to be able to answer the doubts of parents who have to face the first time their children have a smartphone or tablet to navigate in complete autonomy. To help them protect the little ones from the traps of the Net, the Facebook group ” NeoConnessi – Parents, children and internet ” was created”, An active community in which it is possible to discuss and find the best solutions for safe and informative navigation, answering all the questions raised and taking into consideration the most current issues of this digital and media education project. Parents will also be able to appeal to the guidelines of four experts present in the group, ready to intervene whenever a request is made for suggestions on how to best orientate themselves between games, chats and nicknames apps, but who at the same time are able to recognize and point out the opportunities that the Internet is able to offer .

NeoConnessi is full digital, to allow its mission to continue, favoring a great synergy between parents who will have to return to school in September, but with a different awareness of the tools useful to protect their children’s education, aiming for a cultural and smart enrichment.

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