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The telco sector is one of the sectors most involved in digital transformation, so much so that, with the passage of time, it will become an increasingly avant-garde field for the combination of digital services, which require specialized skills in cybersecurity , big data , intelligence . artificial , Internet of Things and cloud computing , useful to meet the needs of all affiliated companies and the individual customer.

“Sometimes connectivity is taken for granted, it is considered a commodity. But it is wrong ”declares Mauro Cucci , WINDTRE Business Sme & Microbusiness BU Director. “In order to offer competitive digital services, the network must be customized. And to do this you need more ingredients. On the one hand, quality connectivity, which means having an increasingly high-performance, reliable and secure network. On the other hand, connectivity must be completed with security, cloud, collaboration, data analytics, private network and IoT services “.

For this reason, WINDTRE wants to base its strategy on offering integrated solutions, with a focus on ultrabroadband connectivity, which can be delivered through its Cloud infrastructure . “The risk for customers is having one provider for connectivity, one for services, one for hardware and one for system integration. Instead, we play a director’s role, coordinating and sharing the four different skills ”, explains Cucci

Furthermore, the telecommunications brand is concentrating its energies in digital service providers and in the development of 5G networks , with vertical solutions that promote sustainability and energy efficiency , so as to implement a whole series of interventions to reduce the overall spending. In fact, internet traffic is constantly increasing on the fixed network and especially on the mobile network. On this issue, Cucci comments: “Compared to LTE, 5G requires different partnerships, but the road is marked. We will develop an offer of 5G private networks, currently in a proof of concept stage, which will make available all the advantages of this technology, namely speed , latencyand the capacity of number of connected devices , combined with the advantages of edge computing solutions. “

The manager also talks about Fixed Wireless Access (FWA), a very interesting hybrid radio-fiber access technology, which can play a role as a complementary technology to 4G – 5G , especially in the industrial sector and on which important investments have been made: ” it is thought that it is dedicated to consumer users only, but in reality it is not. If on the one hand it solves the last mile access, where the fiber does not reach or where the connectivity is limited to copper, on the other hand it can be used as a secondary access, a sort of backup to the primary fiber optic connectivity .. We have invested heavily in FWA technology, both on the consumer side and on the business side, and the evolution of this market is obviously associated with 5G as it will enhance its performance “.

Instead, as regards the scope of European funded projects, WINDTRE continued experimenting with new application paradigms based on the use of edge computing and also invested in artificial intelligence, useful for making machines and systems operate according to its own autonomy. , with excellent results; if applied to TLC networks, it can prove to be fundamental not only for managing the control of network elements, but for continuing to imagine new solutions for the various industrial sectors. “The virtualization of the network – as explained by Cucci – will make it possible to automate various activities, to become more flexible and to optimize the allocation of resources based on the required performance. The edge will allow WINDTRE to offer an integrated platformmade up of a network and integrated and dynamic computational resources capable of providing customers and partners with application solutions that can be easily implemented and replicated throughout the national territory “.

“The intelligent network – adds Cucci – makes it possible to acquire data that can be relevant to the business. At all points of interaction with the customer we can collect data in aggregate and anonymous form to enable a data driven knowledge model. For all those retail realities, for example, we are able to provide information on the duration and frequency of customers within the points of sale and, through roaming analysis, understand where they come from. This is strategic information for municipal administrations to better manage road traffic based on people’s movements. Think of the definition of the scheduling of public transport companies. To establish the time and frequency of the races it is essential to have analytics . And it is an intelligence that we bring on board our network ”.

WINDTRE has not only entered into agreements with various public service providers, but also has its own cloud solution, with nodes in Milan and Rome . In both cases, the operator is able to build the digital highway for interconnection, creating specific multicloud solutions. “Based on the specific needs of the customer’s IT infrastructure, we are able to direct the customer to the best cloud platform in terms of performance and pricing, guaranteeing connectivity and access to multicloud platforms in the optimal way. Once again, we solve all the complexity by offering integrated solutions. Before the data was on premise, today it is everywhere. Employees work on-site, on the move, in smart working. The role of connectivity is profoundly different from the past and requires solutions adapted to the new style of work “.

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